Monday, September 6, 2021

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Hey Everyone I just wanted to pass along a nice little joke from Geoff Fernald just before his passing in June of  2015

A man get stopped by a game warden with his basket full of fish. 

Warden: do you have a permit for all these fish? 
Man: no sir. These are all my pet fish. 
Warden: your pet fish? How's that? 
Man: well, every night I take all my pet fish for a walk to the lake, I let them swim for about half hour and then I whistle and they all come back and jump in my basket and we go home. We do this every night. 
Warden: Well that's just a crock of lies!! 
Man: here I'll show you... (Releases the fish in the lake) 
Warden: well this I got to see!! 
5 minutes later... 
Warden: well?? 
Man: what? 
Warden: the fish!! Where's your pet fish?? 
Man: what fish??

Geoff was more than a Father figure his support and advice helped me build my confidence and where invaluable, He also made it possible to start Napa valley Fly Guides by building my website if HTML code not commonly used but it is still preforming well. 

Thank you Geoff
Richard and Rusty
and of course Tia too

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