Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Putah Creek Report May 2017

Hey Everyone- The flows at Putah Creek are currently 325cfs and water clarity is fair this week. This is super exciting because this is my first real "catching" report since the floodwaters hit Putah. Just when I was beginning to worry that there'd be no good fishing this year, the rain stopped, the creek finally dropped to fishable levels, and is fishing well again. Also because of the rain and flooding, it's really a beautiful scene out there right now. Wildflowers galore, plants growing like crazy, and hungry fish ready to hit on that fly. I am always trying to narrow my tips  down to one or two things, but thats just not possible on Putah Creek or any other river for that matter. One thing became clear; after months of no one really fishing the creek, I have had a couple of great weeks getting fish to net. That said, the floodwaters have changed the river drastically. Some places I used to catch fish are empty; and some that used to be empty now have fish. I've been spending even more time on the creek than usual, re-learning some of my favorite areas. I keep saying to myself, 'If you're fishing more than three times a week, you might have a problem!' Hahaha.  The usual flies are still a good idea but leader length and a trying a few other flies can really help you out. I took out a father and his two adult sons last week and they had an awesome time. After hooking into a 15-inch bow, he lit up a cigar and just sat down on a rock and watched his brother and dad fish, with a contented look on his face. I'm always happy to see that happen on a trip. If you'd like to book a trip, please call Richard at 707-294-4738. Fish on!