Saturday, February 8, 2020

Putah Creek Pre-Spring Report

                                                      Putah Creek End of Winter Report

Hey Everyone Just checking in with current Putah Creek ; Flows and other fishy news 

                                                                     Putah Creek
   2/08/2020 Tail water flows are still bouncing  between 44cfs and low 80s so I am just watching and waiting for weather to warm up when the flows will follow as things warm-up , Water temp around 56 deg , I was at Putah last week and saw really nice hatches of midges and the occassional BWO so I will be keeping a close eye on things and give more reports as things evolve; 

Also I noticed that the fish have left the  spawning beds so I think the spawn has mostly finnished but be carefull when wadding so we dont step on those eggs or fry and think about joining and get to know a few of the guys we do a picnic once a year plus there is always oppertunitys to help with conservation efforts on the creek