Saturday, September 8, 2018

Putah Creek Wildlife Report

Hey everyone Richard here I want to do something a little different this week- I want to offer a mixed report on some of the wildlife present on Putah Creek. We all get lots of fishing reports and we all look forward to them but thats just part of what ive come to love about fly fishing. For example, earlier this summer, I was on the creek with my client who is a state land manager in pennsylvania, and he hollered to me "Look a Mink!" Well, we have Mink I didnt know we had Mink! I wasnt able to get my camera out fast enough to get a pic but how awesome is that? So I watched it scrambeling along the opposite bank and got a great show-- it must live near there as I have seen it a few times since. I might get lucky and eventually get a picture but it will take a while because most of the time im fishing when these things happen. So dont miss out on the magic and keep your eyes open.

Another species is the Banna Slug; I see then a lot on the trail going down from the bridge along the creek. Sad thing is I often see them after someone has accidently stepped on them and killed them so I am very careful not to > Lets all keep our eyes open and be careful and tread lightly when ever possible if you know what to look for , I see them squashed all the time so I just thought i would mention it.  

Heres possibly my favorite : Mountain Lions. Well I always wanted to see a mountain Lion and never have; well this may be the closest I get. I did not take the picture, and I want to thank Wayne for letting me use it.

I did get to have a close incounter with a Bobcat last year when I was alone on a very quite section of river .  Ive noticed , Things are different when you're alone and you're just taking it all in on a quiet afternoon.....

Proof of the existance of River Otters

Thanks for reading and next time my regular fishing report will return. The flows will start to come down and fishing continues to be good; If you want to get out on the water, do some fly-fishing AND see amazing wildlife,  I do have some dates available so feel free to reach out to me Richard Loft, 707-294-4738; or