Thursday, November 21, 2019

                                     Napa Valley Fly Guides
                                     Reports for November

Hey everyone so Flows have been going up and down for several weeks between 50cfs then low 80  then up to 140 then rising to 180cfs in less than 12 hours The funny thing is fishing has been really good. I have heard many times that these types of drops and increases will always negatively effect the fishing well that has not been my experience here on Putah Creek or on the Little Truckee. I have found that I just need to adjust my positions where I fish and ! and what technics I am utalizing and of course always keep a really good selection of flys,split shot, Tippet  So Also be willing to put in some effort moving around This does not mean Flows don't impact the fishing they do I'm just saying it has not always been my experience

Top Water Action   Think dry Flys
Also on another note  I am seeing a lot more top action so consider bringing another rod and I like to keep a separate fly box with a good selection of Elk Hair Caddis # 18 and if you can find some other really small options  like a size #22 or #24 knat or other very small flys get a few of those to temp these elusive fish. I have had some success on the #16. Caddis so I am just saying im seeing a lot more action this last year over previous 10 years Ive been fishing

Lastly Much of my recent success has been High Sticking with Tungston beaded fly like the  

Frenchie #14,16
Perdigon #14,16
Perdigon Zibra #16,18
To name just a few all  Tungston bead heads
Check with the gang at Lost Coast Outfitters for help picking out fly if you need And
At the end of the day Learn the creek, Check the flows everytime you fish the creek and cover the water well before you leave to fish another spot. -------------  <*)))))()><  

Don't leave before the merical,
Please feel free to contact me if you would like to book a trip and I will do my best to get you on some Putah Creek Wild Trout

Call Richard Loft
      (707) 294-4738
or email me @
I will be unavailble Dec 15 on to january 10th

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