Thursday, August 25, 2016

Putah Creek Report for August 22-26, 2016

Hey Everyone this is a two part report ; First the fishing report for the last two weeks: Bigger fish are starting to show and responding to # 18 Flashback PT and  #18 /20 black Zibra midges also  # 16 green birds nests real basic flys nothing fancy. Leader length seems to be a bigger factor and setting on all hits. I had a client miss three good fish due to not setting.  However, said client still landed several one over 14in. The point really is keep your line mended and ready to take up and set.

I myself have landed 3 this week in the 15 to 16 in range on # 18 flashback PTs and Black Zibra Midges, ( Though Today i got skunked with just one grab and nothing to net )

 1. As Ive said before I do far better when i build my leader from tippet rather than packaged tapered leaders it sinks much better and it's in the fish's face where it belongs. I use 8 lb floro then to 4 or 5 x to my top fly droppers are always 5x,  and make sure its long enough more than once ive added tippet for depth and hooked up shortly after. I do use tapered leaders just not as much as I did when I was new.

 2 . Weight speaks for itself-- use it unless fishing very rocky and shallow Riffles you can pick up small fish hiding in nooks and crannys and if you use too much you spend your day removing moss.

 3.  I'm still working on my high-sticking technique so if you know how to rig a leader to high stick its a valuable tech and should not be overlooked there is a lot of pocket water that can't be fished with a indi. Side note, you can catch a lot of fish using the standard indi fishing technique.

 4. Ive been fishing Putah for 8 years now. So if you're up for a bit of a hike I have a spot thats been providing fish off and on all summer  please feel free to give me a call and book a trip on Putah Creek -- its only about 28 miles from Napa and has come to be a great escape from my daily routine.

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