Thursday, August 25, 2016

Putah Creek Conservation Report August 25, 2016

Hey Everyone heres some conservation news for Putah Creek ; & PCT > Putah Creek Trout

For those of you that dont know Putah Creek Trout has been instrumental in getting Putah Creek to the point it is now with most recently getting its Wild Trout Designation December, 2014.

Just below the Canyon Creek Resort is a section that has had spawning activity every year. Well it has been noticed that the side channel that runs along side the main channel is somewhat blocked by several bolders and vegetation. Well that side channel would get used by the young of the year &  trout fry to use as a nursery where they are safe from predation untill they can cope with the hazards of the main channel.  Steve Karr has organized a Stream and Habitat restoration project ; The first stage is assessment , ie surveying the side channel. This side channel is already flowing with water but the problem is it only flows during the high flows of summer and mostly dry after the flows come back down during the low flows of fall and winter. So Steve Karr, Me and and another volunteer Mark have been doing the surveying using a transit and other survey equipment to measure water depth, temp, flow ratios, and a few other stats that will be used to determine what needs to happen this fall or winter with the borders and vegetation and how much needs to be removed. You see you cant just get in there and start moving things around and or removing obstructions without doing a comprehensive assessment and survey. Last week we got some new volunteers and I got a much needed break but Steve has put in countless hours working on all aspects of keeping Putah Creek in a healthy state where it will continue to have generations of Rainbow Trout for many years to come. We have our next volunteer event on September 17 for a Creek Clean-Up as part of California Coastal Clean-Up Day. Come on out and lend a hand! Richard Loft, Fly-Fishing Guide and Putah Creek Trout Volunteer  If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Steve Karr at

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