Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Fishing Report for 2/25/16 through 3/3/16

Hey everyone ; Just checking in with todays report . Me and Rusty, my dog & fishing companion,   took a ride up to Putah Creek to get out of the Napa Valley for a few hours. I wanted to see how the creek is doing on this first official day back to more normal fishing following the most active period of the spawn. Right off the bat, I was helping an older guy who was a first timer, and bam! We landed a 20 plus-inch rainbow trout on a midge pattern that I tie.  It was a real beauty but I let her go as fast as I could, as she was still a bit tired from the spawn season. If you want to hit the creek before the El Nino rains come in, give me a call. www.napavalleyflyguides.com Richard Loft 707-294-4738

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