Friday, February 19, 2016

FISHING REPORT for Feb 12 through Feb 19

The spawn on Putah Creek is finally winding down and I will resume guiding the creek in a couple of weeks. The fishing will get back to a more normalized bite and flow schedule. Flows will be coming back up in the spring in another month or two, and in May or June they will be starting to get high for summer flows. I went up there a few times this winter to check things out! After all the rain we had over the last few months,  it was really blown out up near cold creek and down to access  #3; funny thing below access #3 was fairly clear and a guy was fishing and had hooked up a few small fish. However the storms have dumped an enormous amount of sediment on a river already loaded to the gills with sediment the fires this summer have only added to an already loaded river.  But I will be back guiding on Putah  Creek on March 1;  Fortunately I know Putah Creek well enough to work around the new build ups. Also I may work with a winery to offer a fly-fishing /wine-tasting package with one of the local Wine Tasting rooms in downtown Napa so if you're interested in either give me a shoutout. Richard Loft, Napa Valley Fly Guides 707-294-4738. 

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