Friday, May 6, 2016

Putah Creek Report for 5/5/2016

Hey everyone so the flows continue to flucuate from low to high 400cfs so that only adds to an already tuff fishery; add to that heavy siltation and you have a recipie for some really difficult fishing. But I love the creek and dont plan on giving up fishing the creek any time soon. If you know anything about the creek you know that she is a hard one to figure and still doesn't give up her secrets easily. and that holds true to date. Higher flows, and huge deposits of silt have made me start looking in places I normally don't mess with because of poor access. = longer hikes and much tougher wading. As farm as flys go and leader construction same rules apply as discussed in previous post. Funny thing I swung streamers for almost 3 hours at one of my favorite spots and came up empty until I abandoned my streamer for a indi and a fly. First drift on the first cast , Fish on ______*  <*)()()>< 

Richard Loft

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